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Rooted in the Power of Communities

Since 2002, the Chicago-based Goldin Institute has inspired, equipped and connected grassroots leaders in over 40 countries to lead community driven social change.

  • Apply today for Gather, a new mobile platform where you can learn promote grassroots leadership for community-driven social change. Gather participants will gain the tools and insights to help all of our communities learn together and build on their assets in order to create their own solutions.
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    Child Soldiers | Uganda - January 03, 2018
    Check out the amazing news coverage about the YOLRED community gathering attended by several hundred people in the Gulu area to showcase its new music therapy program.
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    Goldin Institute - December 28, 2017
    Celebrating the role of our Board of Advisors in helping us achieve our mission in 2017.
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    Child Soldiers | Uganda - December 20, 2017
    On December 12, YOLRED, our global partner in Northern Uganda hosted a community gathering attended by several hundred people in the Gulu area to showcase its new music therapy program, as well as mark the end not only to 2017 but an incredibly active and momentous inaugural year in operation.
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    Goldin Institute - November 09, 2017
    Board Member Dr. Gaye Johnson and her co-author Dr. Alex Lubin discuss their new book Futures of Black Radicalism.
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    Child Soldiers | Colombia - November 08, 2017
    Global Associate Lissette Mateus Roa reflects on the peace process in Colombia and offers insights on the path forward.
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    Water | Philippines - November 06, 2017
    Even in a conflict zone like Mindanao, Philippines, authentic partnerships with grassroots leaders can deliver real results.
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    Criminal Justice | Global - October 31, 2017
    August 9th, 2017 marked both the third anniversary of the police shooting of Michael Brown, Jr. as well as the twentieth anniversary of the the brutalization of Abner Louima at the hands of police in New York, Jimmie Briggs reflects on the need to see the past and plan for the future.
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    GATHER - October 27, 2017
    The Goldin Institute and partners from DePaul University present Gather as a platform for community learning and action at the University of Colorado.
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    Goldin Institute - September 19, 2017
    At a gathering in September 2017, Goldin Institute Board Member Nate Shapiro and his wife, Randy, were recognized for the vital role they played in rescuing Ethiopian Jewry.
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