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Rooted in the Power of Communities

Since 2002, the Chicago-based Goldin Institute has inspired, equipped and connected grassroots leaders in over 40 countries to lead community driven social change.

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    Mutual Aid Collaborative - January 19, 2021
    Peace Fellows Jamila Trimuel, Dawn Hodges and David Gonzalez continue to innovate and share to get families on the South Side of Chicago the food and support they need during the COVID pandemic.
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    Chicago Peace Fellows - January 08, 2021
    Chicago Peace Fellow Robin Cline invites your support as the team at NeighborSpace launches a campaign to add 100 garden beds in communities across Chicago.
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    Goldin Global Fellows - January 08, 2021
    Brother Raymond Richard, Founder of Brothers Standing Together and Goldin Global Fellow, asks "Where do my wrong ends and my rights begin?"
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    Global Fellows - December 31, 2020
    Despite a year defined by pandemics and unrest, our global network and partners accelerated their efforts by working with their communities to attend to their most urgent and pressing needs. We witnessed increased levels of solidarity, more calls for positive action, strengthened collaborations and shared leadership.
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    Chicago Peace Fellows - December 21, 2020
    Chicago Peace Fellow Annamaria Leon launched Soup for the Soul with partners in North Lawndale to provide food to neighbors in need as COVID-19 soars while simultaneously building a stronger and more peaceful community.
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    Goldin Global Fellows - December 17, 2020
    Learn more about Lo Ivan Castillon's Week of Peace in Mindanao, Diana Alaroker's forthcoming book Against All Odds and Dieudonne Allo's joining a prestigious cohort hosted by the Issroff Family Foundation.
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    Goldin Global Fellow - December 12, 2020
    SAKALA, a Haitian NGO based in Cite Soleil founded by Goldin Global Fellow Daniel Tillias received a major boost in the wake of a visit by renowned British actress Joanna Lumley and the broadcast of her series Hidden Caribbean: Havana to Haiti, generating awareness, excitement and over $100,000 in new donations.
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    Goldin Global Fellow - December 09, 2020
    Goldin Global Fellow Laura Molnar has created a Community of Practice for educators in Romania, convening a network of 150 teachers dedicated to improving education by listening to youth.
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    Chicago Peace Fellows - December 04, 2020
    What I’ve learned in 14 years of running a non-profit is that philanthropy is one of the most racist sectors of society, competing neck and neck with the criminal justice, education and the health care systems in America.
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    Chicago Peace Fellows - December 02, 2020
    Chicago Peace Fellows launched the Mutual Aid Collaborative as a model of shared leadership, collaborative decision-making and collective action to support our communities through the twin epidemics of COVID-19 and violence.