November 2015 Newsletter

Over the past few months we’ve seen a healthy mix of strategic and organic progress at the Goldin Institute as new ideas are emerging into extraordinary initiatives and projects we’ve participated in for years are expanding into greater opportunities for community transformation. In this edition of the newsletter, you can read about the solidarity that… Continue reading November 2015 Newsletter

June 2015 Newsletter

Inspiration in the face of adversity is the common thread weaving throughout this month’s newsletter as we share with you updates from around the globe including stories of heroic work by strong female leaders, breaking boundaries to strengthen societies and the dynamic possibilities of leveraging technology to promote grassroots partnerships for global change. Watch a… Continue reading June 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Newsletter

It’s been a long winter, but we finally see hints of spring as the light changes ever so slightly. And each day we see more than a hint of our work making a difference in the communities we partner with. Watch a brief video overview of this newsletter:  New Community Leaders Taking Root GULU, UGANDA… Continue reading March 2015 Newsletter

December 2014 Newsletter

As the weather in Chicago cools down, the work of the Goldin Institute around the world is heating up! Take a look at our latest work as we begin to look forward to the new year–and beyond. Forgiveness and Reconciliation ESPERE Project Expands International Reach On November 21 and 22 the Perdon Y Cuidado (Forgiveness… Continue reading December 2014 Newsletter

October 2014 Newsletter

Greetings from the Goldin Institute! We are excited to share this month’s newsletter highlighting the work of our global associates who are positively contributing to their communities by stepping up their efforts and stepping out of their safety zones to ensure that their good work moves forward. Watch a brief video overview of this newsletter: … Continue reading October 2014 Newsletter

Fall 2014 Newsletter

It has been several weeks since we’ve given you an update on what we have been up to. Locally and abroad, much is moving forward and we are excited to share this newsletter with you! Watch a brief video overview of this newsletter:  Philippines As usual, there is much activity and progress in the Philippines.… Continue reading Fall 2014 Newsletter

Summer 2014 Newsletter

It has been a busy summer for us at the Goldin Institute! Visits from global advocates, interviews with local community leaders and progress with our partners around the globe have kept us moving forward both locally and abroad. We are thrilled to share this latest update with news from our recent work on the ground… Continue reading Summer 2014 Newsletter

June 2014 Newsletter

Goldin Institute Update and Newsletter As we celebrate the welcome news that our partners at the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti are bringing at least a dozen sexual violence cases to trial to hold perpetrators accountable, we ask for your help in raising awareness about the danger our Global Associate Malya Villard-Appolon and her… Continue reading June 2014 Newsletter

Spring 2014 Newsletter

Spring is making its way slowly toward the Goldin Institute’s headquarters in Chicago. While seasonal change is in the air locally, systemic social change is underway at our global offices abroad. In this issue of the e-newsletter, we document the important work of our Global Associates. We are pleased to share these success stories from… Continue reading Spring 2014 Newsletter