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Calls for a national peace and reconciliation policy in Uganda

We couldn't agree more with this Ugandan New Vision report, in which Makerere University dean Daniel Ruhweza calls for a government - led national policy on peace and reconciliation, stating:

... A clear national framework would act as an impetus to the promotion of nation cohesion and healing process.

The kind of national framework for such a plan could go hand in hand and be informed by the National Platform for Child Soldier Reintegration we worked to establish with our Ugandan colleagues. A quick overview from the full report: 

As a first step in building the National Partnership for Child Soldier Reintegration and prevention, the Goldin Institute led a community driven research project to lift up the voices of former child soldiers as crucial sources of information and ideas. This research has restored the engagement of people on the front lines of conflict in Northern Uganda who have deep, concrete and insightful perspectives on both the specific project needs related to strengthening peace and local governance. The research also served to demonstrate how such projects might be shaped to most effectively engage on-the-ground realities and community dynamics.

ruhweza ugandaWe are proud of our continued work with the wide-range of civic organizations both religious-based and secular, that led to the National Platform. Please see our issues page on the topic here to learn more about how we continue to build on our work in Uganda and offer a proven map for further peace and reconciliation frameworks.

Makerere University lecturer Danie Ruhweza (right) talks to Human Rights Network-Uganda CEO Mohammed Ndifuna during the training on human rights and peace building at Lydrines Hotel in Luwero district. PHOTO/Francis Emorut

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