Stories of Resistance from Rwanda to Inspire Anti-Violence efforts

Global Research Fellow, Princeton University

Learning Lessons from the Rwanda to Prevent Future Genocides

The Goldin Institute is proud to annouce that Achille Tenkiang of Princeton University has been selected for our Global Fellowship program for 2016.  Achille will spend his summer internship in Rwanda with our local partners at the Kigali Genocide Museum focused on uncovering and documenting stories of resistance to the genocide in Rwanda.

In addition to the value these stories serve in the healing of Rwanda, this oral history offers a unique opportunity to support genocide prevention efforts in Burundi and the Central African Republic, neighboring countries that display alarming parallels to pre-Genocide Rwanda in terms of current levels of violence and the growing reality of public hate speech on the airwaves.  

Freddy Mutanguha of the Kigali Genocide Museum speaks with Founder Diane Goldin and local colleague Hussein Karangwa.

Through this Fellowship, Achille will work with the staff of the Kigali Genocide Museum to capture and transcribe interviews with several “heroes” from Rwanda who resisted the 1994 Genocide.  These stories are intended to be used in a variety of ways, potentially including:  publication in book format; published as a video series; used in peace building curriculum; an exhibit within the KGMuseum; in promotional materials and so on.  

Achille will work with the Kigali Genocide Museum staff to identify and recruit participants and then conduct interviews using a video recorder to ensure a broad range of pedagogical and exhibition formats.  Check back often for updates as Achille and the team transcribe the interviews and participate in ongoing discussions about how these products may be used in the future.

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