Colombia Update: Photos from March for Peace

Global Associate, Colombia

Over 1,500 El Cauca Native Indians march on Bogotá's Bolivar Square

I would like to thank those of you in the Goldin Institute network who have expressed well-wishes and concerns over Colombia’s recent ‘No’ vote on the referendum for the Peace Agreement. It has been a whirlwind of emotions for myself, my family and my countrymen who have held high hopes of a finalized resolution for peace.

As Travis expressed just after the no-vote, the referendum was not perfect and there were many unresolved questions as to how it would ultimately play out in our Country. But those of us in support of the agreement, held high hopes that passage of the referendum would be the best way forward to ending the over half-century civil war. This is a war that entire generations (myself included) were born into, grew up with, and have lived our entire lives with. My husband and I recently had a new baby - our committment for peace grows stronger because we wish for another Colombia for our daughter.

With this sentiment in mind, we were moved this week by a Peace March held in Bolivar Square. Here, in front of the important buildings of our government, including the President’s residence, some of those most impacted by the ongoing violence - the El Cauca people - marched en masse to remind all of us what is at stake. The photos in the following slideshow demonstrate the will and determination of the El Cauca people. In this particular march, they led the way - but as we move forward, all those in support of peace, marched ‘alongside in spirit with them.’

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(all photos courtesy of Pedro Reyes)

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