Update on Pedagogy of Care and Reconciliation Partnership Project

In this short video, Lissette Mateus Roa brings us up to date on what the partnership project has meant to the teachers, parents and students involved. This multi-sector approach has allowed for practices on how best to bring about change that will allow for acceptance and a better understanding of the issues faced by those impacted by Colombia's decades-long civil conflict. As Lissette so clearly states herself in the video:


(Our) School is about ... How to forgive ... how to learn about another people ... how to see another people through new eyes."

- Lissette Mateus Roa


Lissette was kind enough to share her own personal photos taken at the most recent workshop she conducted, which are also included in this video.

We are excited to continue to partner with Lissette on this project and see it come to life and expand further. Please view the video above and find out how you can become more involved in support of Lissette and the Pedagogy of care and Reconciliation Project.


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