We Are Survivors

By Cree Noble
Team Coordinator

On October 16th, 2021 Chicago Peace Fellows and members of the community gathered in Washington Park to celebrate life. Since the beginning of the summer planning process, Bertha Purnell wanted to see her vision of people coming together to celebrate life, and being survivors of violence in the city, come true.


Bertha Purnell, of Mothers on a Mission, says:

“With the amount of trauma we face we have to and need to celebrate all wins. Meeting new people enjoying conversation and food with others.”


This day could not have happened without Randy Sadler and his mental health advocacy and Dr. Dorothy Thompson.

Dorothy Thompson, of Bully Prevention and Awareness 365, states, “We Are Survivors is a project that encourages others to realize that there is support and hope for those who have lost loved ones. The event provided an opportunity for families, children, and adults alike, to participate in fun and food on a sunny crisp day in Washington Park.”


The day was filled with activities including yoga, playing in the park, dancing to music, and eating delicious food. Purnell said “we enjoyed the healing aspects of the day Zumba and yoga. A fun-filled day for all; while keeping COVID-19 practices too.”


Bullying Prevention and Awareness 365 wrapped PPE supplies and passed it to all who were there.

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