Passion Powers Growth at Mindfulness Leader

By Yusuph Masanja
Global Alumni Network Coordinator

A Chicago Peace Fellow and Founder of the Mindfulness Leader, Mona Antwan has ambitious plans for 2021. After implementing the Mindfulness Leaders program at Chicago public schools as a daytime curriculum, Mona is now ready to take the program worldwide through a licensed Curriculum Platform.



“The Mindfulness Programs are an innovative project-based course loaded with 23-core principles that include invaluable life skills like personal confidence. Students get direct access to resources that bring balance to their lives and the power to be the best versions of themselves. We will be launching our licensed Mindfulness SEL Curriculum platform to the world this year. The revenue from our worldwide licensed platform will help us to run free programming for the city of Chicago youth.” — Mona Antwan, Chicago Peace Fellow

This 100-hour curriculum covers the holistic and practical mindfulness practices related to mental health and emotional wellbeing. From leadership and decision making to self and social awareness competencies, Mindfulness Leaders programs build responsible members of the community. Led by the belief in diversity, the programs have also been designed and implemented for children with special needs, and people from all walks of life.


In 2020, Mindfulness leaders recorded the highest number of programs since its inception; 36 programs involving 1,502 children. 5 of the programs were held in-person prior to the Covid-19 outbreak and the rest of them were implemented through online formats.

Mona is excited to share with the world that Mindfulness Leader, NFP has been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 88% for the last four years. The reports and data were researched by Simon Consulting, Inc.

Watch this Student Testimony from a participant impacted by the Mindfulness Leader programs.

While Mona will be serving 385 children in spring this year, there have been over 7,000 children on the waiting list for about four years now. Mindfulness Leader is working hard to fundraise $1.7 Million this year in order to reach all the children on the waiting list.


Mona partners with other community initiatives in Chicago. She is part of the Chicago Force for Good, a Chicago Police Department Program aimed at strengthening community-based organizations serving in areas of higher-than-average violent crimes. Recently, she joined hands with other Chicago Peace Fellows as part of the Mutual Aid Collaborative to create gathering spots (workspaces for community organizing initiates). She is also in a community partnership with the Chicago Bulls to realize mental health workshops. Mona encourages grassroots leaders to lead from within in order to create authentic change in the communities they serve.

Help Mindfulness Leaders serve 7,000 children this year by giving a direct contribution here or simply get the word out about Mona’s incredible work on your social networks.

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