Thank You and Update from Cameroon

GATHER Global Fellow, Cameroon

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you to everyone from the global network that supported our efforts in Cameroon. As you may have seen on the news, the COVID-19 cases are rising in in Cameroon and our communities are doing our best to gear up to stay safe. Unfortunately, Cameroon is second only to South Africa in the number of COVID-19 cases.  But thanks to your generosity, we have been able to purchase masks for young people, orphans and widows in two communities near Bamenda that were unprepared for the pandemic.


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 makes the other issues plaguing our community even harder to address. As I reported in my last update, the deadly clashes which have mostly been in the rural areas have led farmers to abandon their farms.


This have led to severe food shortages because local food sources are no longer available and global food chains are also disrupted because of the conflict. However, with you support, we were able to purchase fertilizers to restart the farming and purchase emergency foodstuffs for the internally displaced during this crisis.


Many problems show up in communities when times are hard. Your support also helped us do some other things that our community needed:

  • we assisted a father that needed medical care for his leg
  • we gave direct cash assistance to 6 families in crisis, and
  • we continue to build self-sustaining and ecologically sound support for communities to help themselves.


On behalf of the community of Bamenda, Cameroon, thank you for your generosity and solidarity!


Alexander Gwanvalla
GATHER Global Fellow and President, Community Green Engagement Cameroon

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