Solidarity through the Struggle in Kenya

Global Alumni Coordinator

In the global coronavirus pandemic, we're all facing the same storm but we're not all in the same boat. In Makindu Village, a rural Kenyan enclave home to Global Fellow Miriam Ali Famau and approximately 10,000 people, the pandemic has been especially disruptive.

MariamAli2020 01

Like too many communities across the globe, the coronavirus has brought misery to Makindu Village and the resulting shortage of food has taken a  particular toll on women and children. Mariam, a Goldin Global Fellow and founder of Peaceful Innovation Organization headquartered in Nairobi, is currently collaborating with the Village Councilor to provide food to women in the village.

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In addition to working with local office holders, Mariam is also mobilizing friends and relatives to donate clothes, food and sanitary pads. Unemployment in the region is staggering. Many villagers have lost jobs tied to education, tourism or entertainment, following lockdowns, curfews and mostly lay-offs at work as employers increasingly fail to sustain businesses.

Mariam is currently seeking urgent food support to help neighbors in need. Any support would be appreciated, but as Marian puts it:

“You may lack clothes and a house to sleep in, but having food is a must, you can sleep anywhere!”

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    My name is Yusuph Masanja, a 2018 Goldin Institute Global Fellow from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I’m writing to introduce myself and extend my gratitude to the Goldin Institute’s leadership for offering me an opportunity to serve my fellow Alumni as the Global Alumni Coordinator.