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Lo Ivan Castillon Hosts Mindanao Week of Peace

In celebrating the week of Peace, Lo Ivan Castillo took the lead in hosting a story-telling event with over 100 young leaders in the Philippines which featured voices of young people from marginalized communities. Mindanao week of Peace provides avenues for the expression of aspirations for peace among communities in Mindanao and the Bangsamoro people.

While the government and other Civil Society Organizations joined the commemoration with different thematic activities, Lo Ivan's organization Positive V.I.B.E.S joined with the Alliance of Magnanimous Youth Leaders Inc. headed by the Bangsamoro Youth Commission to focus their celebration on the will of youth to continue promoting peaceful coexistence in the society. Collectively, the team coined a theme "Zooming–In Bangsamoro Peace Narratives," adapting a powerful concept from one of the GATHER curriculum's units exploring the context for social change. The theme reflected well on youth involved as it reminded them to zoom in to get perspective and zoom past the immediate violent context to the longstanding and timeless values of diversity, harmony and cultures.

Mindanao week of peace was officially proclaimed on the 5th of November in 1999 and has since been celebrated annually from the last Thursday of November to the first Wednesday of December.


Dieudonne Allo Joins Collaborative Learning Initiative

The Global Leading Light Initiative (GLLI), led by a Global Fellow Dieudonne Allo, just earned a spot in the inaugural cohort of the Collaborative Learning Initiative (CLI) run by Issroff Family Foundation.  The Issroff Foundation is focused on uplifting the lives of children and youth in Southern & Eastern Africa, New York, and Israel. In this program, GLLI will get a chance to go through a peer learning journey, coaching, and mentorship processes designed to help improve project management, board and staff management, resources mobilization skills and other aspects of community driven social change GLLI is pursuing.

"COVID has disrupted our plans, but we know this will be an opportunity to move forward through the pandemic. I am happy we have this kind of support from such a prestigious foundation.” – Dieudonne Allo, Goldin Global Fellow, South Africa


Diana Alaroker Tells Her Story: Against All Odds

A Global Fellow, Diana Alaroker, plans to release her own book early in 2021. Diana was inspired by Mike Olapido, founder of MOGi Leadership School after she had participated in his leadership course. The book titled "Against All Odds" summarizes Diana's story as she saw her life negatively impacted by war and events that destabilized her family's prosperity.

Through her personal story, as depicted in the book, Diana aims to inspire young people to follow their dreams and trust in their ability to realize their potential.

“No matter what you go through, you can be successful.” – Diana Alaroker, Goldin Global Fellow, Uganda

Diana is currently working for YOLRED, an NGO created by former child soldiers to support each other in creating a more meaningful and productive life.

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