The Goldin Institute is staffed by a diverse group of talented and committed individuals around the world working towards a common goal of creating real local and global change rooted in the power of communities determining their own futures.
Joseph Genslak
Social Media and Communications

Having spent much of his career in desktop publishing working with others to create content in a variety of commercial environments, Joseph became interested in the intersection of grassroots partnerships and its ability to work on a global scale as a member of a goodwill ambassadorship mission to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2004. Traveling the country broadly – an uncommon destination for Westerners - he became aware that those things that all people share in common, far outnumber their differences. He is excited to further this concept at the Goldin Institute where it is applied in real-life, working models to promote effective change within communities most in need. Joseph has a daughter and lives in Chicago. 


As Social Media Coordinator for the Goldin Institute, Joseph completed this "Digital Story" as part of a workshop at DePaul University. In addition to being a compelling personal narrative about how Joe's background informs his work at the Goldin Institute, this video serves as an example of the power of Digital Storytelling - a process we continue to use to lift up the voices, experiences and perspective of grassroots leaders in our global network.