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Lissette Mateus Roa
Co-Facilitator, Global Alumni Network

Lissette Mateus Roa was born on February 5, 1984 in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied Primary Education with an emphasis on Humanities: Spanish and Foreign Languages at the faculty of humanities at the National Pedagogical University of Colombia from 2004 to 2008. Lissette continued her studies in English for two years in England. From February to September 2011 she worked with disadvantaged families (parents and children) educating them through workshops about prevention of domestic violence, sexual abuse and child abuse. In October 2011 she worked with the Project "Pedagogy of care and reconciliation: An impact strategy to strengthen school life and education for peace. Lissette holds firm the belief in education as the key of social change, and in forgiveness and reconciliation as the doors by which all victims and societies that suffer must go through in order to achieve new beginnings and possibilities after violence.