The Goldin Institute is staffed by a diverse group of talented and committed individuals around the world working towards a common goal of creating real local and global change rooted in the power of communities determining their own futures.
Diane Goldin
Founder and Chair
Board of Advisors

Diane founded the Goldin Institute in 2002 to empower grassroots partnerships for global change in the areas of poverty alleviation, gender empowerment, environmental sustainability and conflict resolution. Diane brings an abundance of first-hand experience in building multi-sector collaborations that she gained in serving a wide range of non-profit organizations and social movements around the world. Diane's preference for working directly with communities rather than meetings in Board rooms and her passion for social and environmental justice form the bedrock of the Institute's mission, vision and values.

Updates from the field
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    While the United Nations designated September 21st as the International Day of Peace in 1981, three years earlier, on September 7, 1978, Chicago heralded the inaugural Peace Day in an effort to promote a civic commitment to worldwide and city-wide peace.
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    At the Goldin Institute, we are proud of our partnership with Arigatou International, including our work to prevent violent extremism in East Africa and the reintegration of former child soldiers.
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    Chicago Mobile Makers, Studio Gang and the Goldin Institute have joined forces to launch the Youth Design Leadership (YDL) project to design a new hands on 6-month program for teens to promote neighborhood safety by using the tools of design to help reclaim, connect and improve public spaces.
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    Global Fellows - December 31, 2020
    Despite a year defined by pandemics and unrest, our global network and partners accelerated their efforts by working with their communities to attend to their most urgent and pressing needs. We witnessed increased levels of solidarity, more calls for positive action, strengthened collaborations and shared leadership.