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Nonnel Galaviz-Johnson
GATHER Design Team

Nonnel Galaviz-Johnson is a Spring 2020 graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies. During her four years at FGCU she was heavily engaged in the Southern Scholarship Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides rent free communal living opportunities to students with financial need. She served as house manager of her 17-woman household in her final year.

She traveled to Ghana, Africa to work with several communities on conservation projects including a study to see the effect attaching LED lights to fishing nets could have on deterring sea turtle bycatch. The study was found to be successful, with local fishermen reporting 81% less bycatch. This experience shifted Nonnel’s interest from ecological research to the intricacies of working with communities and their local environments.

The new direction Nonnel has stepped into led her to completing a one-year civic design program in collaboration with MIT. Able to tap into her passion for poetry, art, sustainable agriculture, and history, she has since elevated these interests into avenues for peer to peer learning opportunities. After being introduced to the Gather platform, Nonnel has designed and taught a course called Politics & the Citizens, in collaboration with AJ Nunes-Zaller and Lewis Gopher.

In addition to the education work Nonnel is currently pursuing, she is also heavily involved with Action Corps, a grassroot organization championing global solidarity with those most affected by violent conflict and climate disaster.