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Nora Gabriela Fuentealba Rivas
Red de Memoria y Cultura en América Latina y el Caribe

Nora is Coordinator of the Red de Memoria y Cultura en América Latina y el Caribe based in Metropolitana, Chile.  Nora is a researcher in Memory, Culture and Chilean  history who her skills as a theater directory to to explore "memory studies" to trace the links between the last military dictatorship in Chile with social movements. Nora was born in Nacimiento in the Southwest of Chile and holds a master's degree in History of Art frmo the Universidad de Chile with postgraduate coursework in Philosophy, Aesthetics, Memory and Social Movements. Nora is also the coordinator of the publication of "Teatro y Fulgor: apoximaciones a la obra de Isidora Aguirre" and helps to coordinate Trenzar MemoriasL red de memoria y cultura en America Latina y el Caribe that collects feminist voices for peace.