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    Bangladesh | Microcredit - October 10, 2016
    A comprehensive microcredit bibliography and glossary to help students, researches, and activists to help understand micro-finance from the perspective of borrowers.
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    Uganda - February 24, 2016
    This list of online resources will serve to provide background and ongoing education on the issue of child soldiers.
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    Leadership Development - February 12, 2016
    Short video summary for GATHER, an online platform from grassroots leadership development built by the Goldin Institute.
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    Child Soldiers - January 24, 2016
    This interactive map highlights the plight of more than 300,000 child soldiers across the globe.
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    Philippines | Water - January 23, 2016
    See the progress in solving the water crisis in the Philippines in real time with this interactive map.
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    Child Soldiers - January 22, 2016
    Huffington Post article by Travis Rejman and Bishop Ochola calling for the International Criminal Court to send former child soldier Dominic Ongwen home to face restorative justice.
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    Haiti | Women's Leadership - January 18, 2016
    Enough: by the women of Haiti is a documentary highlighting the Security and Sensitization Project in the Place Petion Camp in Port au Prince Haiti.
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    Philippines | Water Crisis - January 12, 2016
    Video overview of the grassroots movement in the Philippines to bring safe drinking water to over 107 schools serving over 24,000 people in Mindanao.
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    Haiti - June 15, 2014
    KOFAVIV co-founder and 2012 CNN Hero of the Year Malya Villard-Appolon was in Chicago to update us on her work providing social and legal support combatting sexual violence against women and girls in Haiti. While she was here, she courageously shared her story on the nationally broadcasted show Worldview at the studios of WBEZ.
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    Child Soldiers - March 09, 2012
    With millions of views so far this week, the super viral Kony 2012 video is clearly raising awareness of the horrors of the LRA in Uganda. But is the Kony 2012 campaign a good idea?
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