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    Bangladesh | Microcredit - October 10, 2016
    A comprehensive microcredit bibliography and glossary to help students, researches, and activists to help understand micro-finance from the perspective of borrowers.
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    Microcredit - June 17, 2011
    Travis Rejman and Susan Beaudry of Grantmakers Without Borders discuss the current state and limitations of microcredit on NPR's WorldView program with host Jerome McDonald.
  • Microcredit - March 03, 2011
    Want to learn more about microcredit around the world? This annotated bibliography provides useful terminology and a summary of available research and organizations active in the field.
  • Bangladesh | Microcredit - June 28, 2010
    Contested Credit Landscapes: microcredit, self-help and self-determination in rural Bangladesh article published in Third World Quarterly.
  • Bangladesh | Microcredit - June 21, 2010
    Transcript from the “Listening to the Experiences of Microcredit Recipients” roundtable discussion hosted on June 21, 2010 in Dhaka, Bangladesh - a groundbreaking first meeting of lenders, regulators and loan recipients.
  • Bangladesh | Microcredit - September 15, 2009
    In debates on development, the voices of those it affects the most are often conspicuously absent. Our strategy for bringing their voices back in was simple: we decided to ask them. Learn more about how we did that by using digital audio recorders and community driven research teams.
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    Bangladesh | Microcredit - January 01, 2009
    Guide for microcredit donors published by Grantmakers Without Borders.
  • Bangladesh | Microcredit - December 11, 2008
    A policy paper published by the Institute for Food and Development Policy on the limits of microcredit as a poverty reduction strategy.
  • Bangladesh | Microcredit - February 19, 2008
    A summary of policy recommendations for improving microcredit delivery in response to the needs and aspirations of loan recipients.
  • Bangladesh | Partner Link - January 01, 2000
    Nijera Kori is a partner organization in Bangaldesh that mobilizes socially marginalized people. Nijera Kori translates to english to "we do it ourselves".