Perspective: Making Peace Sustainable in Colombia

By Lissette Mateus Roa, Co-Facilitator, Global Alumni Network Just over a year ago, I experienced one of the saddest days in my life. On that day in October 2016, Colombians faced a referendum on the peace process. After more than 50 years of conflict with FARC — the oldest guerrilla movement on the continent —… Continue reading Perspective: Making Peace Sustainable in Colombia

Colombia Update

New Developments Unfolding in Colombia – Peace Process Impacted The international reports coming out of Colombia in recent days, reflect the most current on-the-ground information from our Global Associate in Bogota, Lissette Mateus Roa.  Although the situation is volatile and things are changing almost daily, Lissette remains committed to finding solutions to the violence in… Continue reading Colombia Update

Sworn Enemies Show Path to Peace

We like stories like this from Colombia that illustrate the power of reconciliation and forgiveness. Hector Perea and Jhon Obando were once on opposite sides of the armed conflict between FARC and the government paramilitary. But in their personal journeys to escape the violence they grew up into, they found themselves working side-by-side at a… Continue reading Sworn Enemies Show Path to Peace

Peace Negotiations Resume in Colombia

  Our colleauges in Colombia welcome the latest development in the ongoing peace negotiations and hope that this is a step in breaking the cycle of violence. BBC News outlines the details for peace talks between FARC and the government of Colombia to end the 48-year-old conflict.