Seeking Peace from Somalia to Dharamshala

Meeting for the first time in Dharamshala, India over the course of seven days in October, I had the opportunity to meet Goldin Institute team member Jimmie Briggs with whom I shared the unique opportunity to not only be in intimate dialogue with Tibetan spiritual leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate the Dalai Lama, but… Continue reading Seeking Peace from Somalia to Dharamshala

Microfinance and Global Development

Researcher calls Microfinance “a delusion” undermining those it would claim to serve Two closely related pieces that caught our attention recently: This short article by a London School of Economics professor, offering a very critical view of why and how microfinance gained favor amongst the banking industry, why it hasn’t worked as promised and how… Continue reading Microfinance and Global Development

Studies Show Microcredit Shortcomings

Six New Studies Point to the Inflated-Promise of Microcredit in Transforming the Lives of the Poor We just became aware of this report, which compiles comprehensive research critical of the standard microcredit model.   Economist Esther Duflo of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a co-founder and co-director of J-PAL, co-author of the India and Morocco… Continue reading Studies Show Microcredit Shortcomings