Philippines Update: Spring 2016

Our Global Associate in the Philippines, Dr. Susana Anayatin brings us up to date on plans for newly restored water wells in the four primary municipalities she and her team are working in within Maguindanao.  Specifically, the commitment for the school year 2016-17 is to have ten fully restored water pumps in each municipality, for… Continue reading Philippines Update: Spring 2016

Philippines Accomplishment Report: 2015

The words driving our mission, Building Grassroots Partnerships for Global Change, were put into practice over the past year in the Philippines. And after another year building capacity in the southern Philippines, we can modestly say that we were successful in this endeavor, sustaining our presence in flood and conflict affected areas in Cotabato City… Continue reading Philippines Accomplishment Report: 2015

The Water Ladies of Navajo and Mindanao

Perhaps we like this story so much about one woman making a difference by bringing fresh water to her extended community, because it reminds us of our own global associate working in similar ways for her own people. Both Darlene Adviso and Dr. Susana Anayatin share the common goal of ensuring that those in their… Continue reading The Water Ladies of Navajo and Mindanao