Improving Microcredit in Bangladesh

In the efforts to address poverty, the voices of those impacted by economic insecurity are too often conspicuously absent. The Goldin Institute’s work builds on the experiences and perspectives of those living in poverty and designs solutions based on their knowledge, strategies and aspirations. Through the Goldin Institute’s pioneering work on Community-Based Oral Testimony in… Continue reading Improving Microcredit in Bangladesh

October 2014 Newsletter

Greetings from the Goldin Institute! We are excited to share this month’s newsletter highlighting the work of our global associates who are positively contributing to their communities by stepping up their efforts and stepping out of their safety zones to ensure that their good work moves forward. Watch a brief video overview of this newsletter: … Continue reading October 2014 Newsletter

Transcript of Roundtable Dialogue in Bangladesh

Microcredit Summit in Dhaka Groundbreaking meeting between microcredit recipients, lenders and regulators, hosted in June 2010. We are pleased to share the recently compiled transcript from the “Listening to the Experiences of Microcredit Recipients” roundtable discussion that took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh on June 21, 2010.  This groundbreaking summit was the first dialogue between microcredit… Continue reading Transcript of Roundtable Dialogue in Bangladesh

Community Based Oral Testimony

Community Based Oral Testimony Rethinking Research from the Perspective of Community Experience In debates on development, the voices of those it affects the most are often conspicuously absent.  Our strategy for bringing their voices back in was simple: we decided to ask them. We adopted a strategy known as “oral testimony” which relies on extended… Continue reading Community Based Oral Testimony

Microcredit: A Guide for Funders

The Goldin Institute partnered with Grantmakers Without Borders to produce a groundbreaking guide to understanding and improving microcredit. This guide and its recommendations have been distributed throughout our combined global networks of donors, practitioners and recipients of microcredit. A central premise of the Guide is that In debates on development, the voices of those it… Continue reading Microcredit: A Guide for Funders