East Africa Update

Our Leadership Team Makes New Alliances and Reaffirms Existing Ones in our Work to End the Use of Child Soldiers in East Africa This Fall provided ideal timing for our co-founders to shore-up important project work in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. In late September, Travis and Diane journeyed to East Africa for several important regional… Continue reading East Africa Update

Revisiting Microfinance

Marking an important anniversary date on microfinance policy  Today we revisit our appearance on Worldview exploring the policies and ongoing scrutiny put on the effectiveness of microfinance programs in places like India and Bangladesh.   Informed by our project work in Bangladesh, where we set out to improve the way that microcredit was implemented from… Continue reading Revisiting Microfinance

Goldin Institute Successfully Returns to Uganda

This June, Institute co-founders Diane Goldin and Travis Rejman returned to Uganda to participate in our first ever cross-continental Child Soldier Reintegration and Reconciliation Training Workshops. Because of her work in developing and using the ESPERE methodology in her native Colombia, our Global Associate Lissette Mateus Roa was the natural candidate to lead the training in Uganda.… Continue reading Goldin Institute Successfully Returns to Uganda

Goldin Institute’s Travis Rejman Interviewed on Worldview

Interested in learning more about the promise and peril of microcredit? The current debate about the efficacy of microfinance is marked by the absence of those who have most at stake in the controversy: loan recipients. The Goldin Institute is working to lift up these voices—most often marginalized women—and restore their perspectives, insights and aspirations… Continue reading Goldin Institute’s Travis Rejman Interviewed on Worldview

Rape Accountability and Prevention in Haiti

Executive Summary of the Project Since the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti, women and girls living in the internally displaced persons camps face alarming rates of rape and other forms of gender-based violence. In many camps, the rate of gender-based violence has exploded to three times pre-earthquake levels. In the year since the earthquake,… Continue reading Rape Accountability and Prevention in Haiti