Chhavi Bhatia

| Delhi, India
2021 Goldin Global Fellow

Chhavi Bhatia considers herself a Plain Speak Journalist. She is a leading columnist and independent journalist based in Delhi, India. Since November 2020, she has been actively covering one of the largest protests in human history: the Indian farmers’ protest. Here she focuses her work on providing accurate and unbiased information and news on both traditional media platforms, i.e., print media, as well as more accessible spaces such as social media. She is covering the various protest sites in Delhi to share the stories of the communities at the sites and amplify their voices to local, national and international audiences. Her motivations to document these stories and struggles comes from her understanding of the social issues in Punjab, and the interconnectedness of these problems, which include intensive drug abuse, particularly among the youth, farmers suicide and mental health challenges, water conservation and environmental degradation, and unjust laws and policies which disenfranchise rural communities. She has previously worked for the Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Tehelka, and other media outlets.