Eva Martina Gamboa

| El Gran Chaco, Argentina
2022 Goldin Global Fellow
Project Coordinator, National Council of Indigenous Women

Eva Martina is the Project Coordinator for CONAMI, the National Council of Indigenous Women in Argentina, based in the Sudamerica region of Argentina.  Eva is a proud member of the Wichí indigenous tribe located in the Great Chaco (El Gran Chaco) region in Argentina and is an Indigenous community life rights defender with a focus on indigenous women from ancestral towns. Eva was co-founder of both the CONAMI and the Americas Indigenous Women Continental Connection (ECMIA). Eva is commited to ancestral and timeless spirituality, the harmony between mind and body, and the importance of the indigenous woman’s empowerment. Eva is an avid promoter of peace, combatting different types of violence by promoting communal living and respect between our communities and different cultures, human rights, education, and a politics of inclusion for  indigenous women.