Godson Nwankwo

| Abia, Nigeria
2023 Goldin Global Fellow
Abia, Nigeria

Godson is a Nigerian Youth Advocate, Politician, Researcher, Entrepreneur and Policy Enthusiast. He is passionate about technology and education policies especially how they empower young people to be active in the economy and in shaping the debates of the future. He currently works with young people across Nigeria on the platform of the New Africa Youth Movement where he focuses on mobilizing youth participation in politics. Due to his passion for education, he networked young people to found Leadhills Network: a social network that brings young people together to connect, learn and solve social issues in their communities, with a focus on SDG4. Through this initiative, over 2000 high school students have been reached in 5 states of Nigeria through the rural education outreach program and many students have received school fees and learning materials. 

Godson believes that a brighter and sustainable future for Sub Saharan Africa will be shaped by quality education and he is optimistic about his role in shaping it.