Ishmael Amini

Lilongwe, Malawi |
2022 Goldin Global Fellow
Earth Keeper, Southern Africa Faith Community Environment Institute

Ishmael is the first born in the family of eight children and was raised in the context of leadership as he is expected to take over Chieftainship from his uncle as succession is through the mother. In addition, his father is also a Chief and the proximity of this Chieftainship gave Ishmael a conducive environment for elders to support his growth and mentor him as an emerging traditional leader. Ishmael completed education in an Islamic school to prepare him to become a Sheikh. At secondary and College he served as Head Boy and President of students respectively. Ishmael is now serving as a President of Center for Enlightenment and Development while awaiting chieftainship in Lilongwe, Malawi and an an Earth Keeper for the Southern Africa Faith Community Environment Institute (SAFCEI).