Jennifer Batista Torres

| Moscow, Russia
2023 Goldin Global Fellow
Moscow, Russia

Jennifer is a Cuban: a woman, a migrant, and a Jurist. She was born in Havana, Cuba, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law, a Master’s degree in Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, and a Doctorate in Juridical Science. Currently, she is involved in “Ateneo Asesor Académico,” a project that offers services to all Spanish-speaking students who wish to complete their undergraduate or postgraduate thesis. She has a strong interest in the student community at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has been able to influence those around her in her immediate environment who have chosen the path of university studies in various fields; thanks to her research advice, they have felt the pride and pleasure of being heard by authorities and having their projects considered and even implemented. Moreover, she finds it very rewarding to help her elders, and this is also something she tries to convey to younger generations.