Juanita Alvarez Castano

| San Carlos, Colombia
2023 Goldin Global Fellow
San Carlos, Colombia

Juanita is an agricultural worker, actress, puppeteer, dancer, director, and performing arts teacher. She is also an artisan, recycler, and social leader. She was born in the rural area of La Holanda in Antioquia (Colombia), where she learned to plant, fish, and love nature. At the age of seventeen, she moved to Medellín (Colombia), where she studied Special Education, Sewing, and Theater. She worked as an actress, costume designer, and teacher there for over twelve years. In 2011, together with her partner, she created the theater group “Teatro Tironeta.” She has co-directed and created five theater, puppetry, and storytelling shows. She is also the pedagogical coordinator of the “Agro-Cultural School” project, an initiative for artistic and environmental education that she carries out in partnership with the Youth Peasant Home of San Carlos. In 2017, she returned to her hometown where works as a cultural and social leader, seeking to strengthen it through studies in memory management, reconciliation and peace, regenerative agriculture, and rural entrepreneurship, in collaboration with various entities in the municipality.