Kurt Isaacs

| Johannesburg, South Africa
2023 Goldin Global Fellow
Johannesburg, South Africa

Kurt is the Founding Director of Sawubona ZA, a nonprofit dedicated to making the invisible visible by exposing and naming abuse. Sawubona works with a rural community, concentrating on food security, economic and infrastructure development, and community healing. 

Kurt’s commitment to supporting marginalized individuals and his belief in human interconnectedness has shaped his work for over 25 years. He started in England, assisting struggling youth and later working with young people classified as juvenile pedophiles. Upon returning to South Africa, Kurt shifted his focus to helping abused youth find their voice and facilitating healing. He has also worked extensively with addiction in adults and adolescents, as well as parolees from maximum security prisons. 

Kurt established Authentic Engagement, a Life Coaching and Counselling practice, to create a safe space for men to embrace vulnerability and accountability. He believes that healing and restoration must begin within each person, recognizing that both victims and perpetrators require healing.