Laura Molnar

| Bucharest, Romania
2018 Goldin Global Fellow
President, Education for Change Association

Laura Aurora Molnar from Bucharest, Romania, is the President of the Education for Change Association, which operates a mentoring program for 100 teachers – 50 in Bucharest and 50 in other parts of the country – to guide them in the implementation of an ethics education program. Laura also organizes one-time activities as well as longer-term projects in schools for diminishing violence and discrimination, and facilitates workshops for parents on positive parenting. In a context where teachers have insufficient training, low salaries, under-resourced school systems and little motivation to participate in external activities, Laura successfully involved 130 teachers in an educational program that created a community of practice who continue to discuss issues and critiques relevant to their students and schools. She also works directly with students, encouraging them to take their own initiative toward eradicating child poverty; more than 1,000 youths were directly involved this school year.