Maretta Brown-Miller

2021 Chicago Peace Fellow
Block Coodinator, 1400 & 1500 North Long Block Club

Maretta Brown-Miller is the Blessed Mother of 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Maretta is an Austin stakeholder since 1982. She passionately works and serves with numerous organizations and community groups in Austin and throughout the City of Chicago. Maretta is employed with the Chicago Park District and works in LCA. Maretta is an active member of “The” Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. Maretta is a firm believer in equity and that equality is well deserved and wanted in the Austin Community. Maretta works with the 11th, 15th, & 25th Police Districts. She is Chairman of the 15th District Youth Committee. Maretta is also involved with following: Austin Community Action Council (ACAC), Chairman; 1400 & 1500 N. Long Block Club, Coordinator; Westside Stakeholders, Leadership Member; Prevention Partnership; Leaders Network; BUILD; ACT; West & Central Community Justices Centers; Westside Ministers Coalition; All Star Project; AAABNA; and wherever else she is asked to serve.