Marqus Crockett

2020 Chicago Peace Fellow
Director, S.O.U.L.

Marqus James Crockett is an artist, designer, yogi, writer, and health enthusiast. Marqus uses art as a tool to get my message across, and over the last 3 years, his organization has started a garden in the Auburn Gresham community and hosted events and workshops spreading health information. A frequent public speaker and a member of the Obama Community Leadership Corp, he created a collection of products including clothing designed to help individuals stay rooted in their personal health journey. As a child, Marqus saw health issues plaguing his family, but as a young adult, he was privileged to access information that the previous generation lacked, and connected the dots of eating habits and ways of living. He changed his diet and lifestyle, and now dedicates his life to spreading a message of wellness as the Director of SOUL: Sustainable Options for Urban Living.