Martha Cecilia Portocarrero Mosquera

| Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
2022 Goldin Global Fellow
Program Associate, Fundación Territorio Azul

Martha is a Program Associate for Fundación Territorio Azul in her native area of Guapí on the Colombian Pacific Coast. She is an economist, specialized in development projects, with a master’s degree in Pedagogy and Research in classroom. With fifteen years working with black and indigenous populations in the Colombian Pacific Coast, Martha has led socioeconomic, educative, and organizational strengthening projects as a consultant. In her role as Program Associate for the “Blue Territory” (Territorio Azul) Corporation, she works with youth programs where she focuses on strengthening the cohesion between ethnic and indigenous groups. Martha’s work is informed by her commitment to creating inclusive and equitable spaces where all involved can participate in every stage of a project —  design, implementation, assessment, and monitoring — so social change can be driven by local perspectives.