Mona Antwan

2020 Chicago Peace Fellow
Founder, Mindfulness Leader

Mona Antwan is the founder of Mindfulness Leader, a not-for-profit organization that is the first-of-its-kind high school elective and after-school program in the City of Chicago dedicated to creating positive changes in the lives of our youth through teaching them the art of mindfulness. This project-based series equips youth with the power to ignite their light and become the best version of themselves. Under Ms. Antwan’s senior leadership, Mindfulness Leader has seen a rapid expansion from its conception in 2017 to a highly sought-after initiative with students racing to join the class and learn to lead from within. Her signature issues include reversing generational poverty, showcasing inspirational youth who beat the odds, and promoting the importance of self-awareness. Ms. Antwan brings over 18 years of intensive training in mindfulness.