Neabei Toah

| Paynesville, Liberia
2018 Goldin Global Fellow
Executive Director, World Kindness Liberia

Neabei W. Toah from Paynesville, Liberia, is Executive Director of World Kindness Liberia, recognized as a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that is part of the World Kindness Movement based in Sydney, Australia. In a nation still recovering from a long civil war and the outbreak of Ebola, World Kindness Liberia has an ambitious agenda that seeks to embed kindness in a new generation and create a kinder Liberia through Charity, Education, Agriculture, and Community Empowerment. In addition to his role at World Kindness Liberia, Neabei also works as a Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at the Civil Service Agency. Previously, Neabei earned a Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation from USAID-MEASURE Evaluation Training in 2015 and a Bachelor of Economics degree with a minor in Management from the University of Liberia in 2011, among other academic achievements and professional training programs.