Omar Arturo Diaz Martinez

| Cundinamarca, Colombia
2022 Goldin Global Fellow
Human Rights Educator, la Red Internacional de Futbol Rebelde y Popular

Arturo is a Human Rights Educator for la Red Internacional de Futbol Rebelde y Popular based on Cundinamarca, Colombia.  Arturo credits his mother for his success abd for planting the seed of social transformation in him as she struggled to support his education. Arturo uses his skills as a graphic designer to promote peace, working on various advertisement pieces for social collectives since he was sixteen. When Arturo started public university, he conceptualized his life undertaking — “La Pelota Rebelde” — as a project to empower youth in his hometown by using soccer as a participative asset for social change. Growing the project to engage more than four hundred people of all ages, Arturo is totally convinced that peace is the only way for Colombia to prosper.