Raymond Richard

| Chicago, IL, USA
2018 Goldin Global Fellows
Founder, Brothers Standing Together

Raymond Richard from Chicago in the United States is a Founder of Brothers Standing Together, a non-profit organization launched in 2009 to decrease neighborhood violence and contribute to a safe environment for children and families. A mentor, activist and public speaker who draws on his past experiences to warn against the dangers of gangs and drugs, Raymond struggled with criminal activity, substance abuse and homelessness for decades. After being released from his sixth incarceration, he resolved to change his life and began attending community policing programs, working odd jobs, studying for his high school diploma, and mentoring other returning citizens as well as at-risk young people. He has participated in events across the American Midwest and attended conferences in Los Angeles, all while working to build BST’s capacity to receive contracts from government agencies and private companies to provide returning citizens with work experience and essential income.