Rubin Nyandwi

| Ngozi, Burundi
2023 Goldin Global Fellow
Ngozi, Burundi

Rubin is a peace leader, human rights activist, journalist, and consultant in strategic planning. He is founder of Global Alliance for Peace Leadership (GAPEL), a not for profit educational and research center in peace leadership, with an approach focused on reconciliation and development. This organization started the Peace Education Project through training participants to explore possibilities to use dialogue, ubuntu values and ancestral methods to heal disputes and educate community to choose peace. Rubin is also cofounder of ASODECOM, an organization with special consultative Economic and Social Status with the UN, that promotes human rights and development. He is also founder of Bureau De Consultance Et Multiservices (BUCM-SPRL) a consulting business that helps startups to grow. He is also vice chair of Kugasaka Web TV.