Sri Ram Timilsina

| Pokhara, Nepal
2021 Goldin Global Fellow
Trainer, Nonviolent Communication Nepal

Sri Ram Timilsina is a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Practitioner from Nepal currently engaged with NVC Practice Group Nepal, Good Deeds Day Nepal and Civil Peace Service, Pro Public. Sri works with young ambitious growth-minded leaders, as well as school and university students, to build greater emotional intelligence so they can connect better with themselves, and through doing so connect better with others. After becoming increasingly concerned with the use of corporal punishment and heavy demands on students during his time as a teacher, he began looking for less violent strategies and means of working and in 2009 was gifted a book on Nonviolent Communication. Since then, after learning about the practises and experiencing the positive changes in himself, and with the mission of making NVC accessible to all in Nepal, he has been organizing national campaigns to create a culture of peace and nonviolence in schools and communities. These efforts have required helping people with NVC practice sessions, seminars, meetings and workshops to create personal growth – encouraging success and resilience in their lives. Sri believes strongly in the power of giving from the heart.